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Mold Damage Needs Precise Attention in Long Island City Home

One of the most common places to find mold damage in Long Island City homes is the bathroom. A slow leak created ideal conditions for spores to germanite and sp... READ MORE

Queens Mold Damage

When water seeps from the exterior into a structure in Queens, the result is often a mold infestation. When unnoticed or ignored, these colonies can develop int... READ MORE

SERVPRO Construction Services Are Second to None!

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A Complete Restoration Experience

It is difficult to describe the stress and hardship brought on by property damage to your home or business. The owner is not only devastated by the events and p... READ MORE

When you have one chance to get it right, trust SERVPRO

Disaster restoration is a multi-pronged project in which the team in charge must be ready to react to changes in the project size and scope on a moments notice.... READ MORE

Water Damage in Bathroom

Do you know anybody that leaves New England in the winter to spend their time in warmer weather? As much as we might envy those who can run away from the cold a... READ MORE