Photo Gallery

snack table at the SERVPRO office

Team Building Night

Everyone in your work family is an important member of the team. So every once in a while it is fun to get together after hours and spend some downtime together.

An auditorium with air movers and a dehumidifier set up to remove humidity from the room.

Breath Easy, We Got Your Back

If your place of businesses is starting to smell a little bit musty, you might have a humidity issue, water damage, and perhaps the beginning of a mold problem. We can help!

roof with tarp

Can We Give You A Hand

Damage to your home from a storm is, for the most part, out of your control. If you need help, during a storm due to damage to your home call us, we can help!

A street that has flooded, two houses can be seen in the distance, they are surrounded by water.

Watch Out, Flash Flooding is Dangerous!

Seems like flash floods are occurring in many areas of the United States now more than ever before. Don't get caught without a plan, if you have flood damage from a storm, call us!

wet cement walls

Where did that water come from?

Ever find water in your basement and wonder how it got there? Some properties just have a way of ending up with water issues that are extremely difficult to trace, we can fix it!

A roof on top of one of the buildings at UNCW, singles are missing and exposed wood is damaged.

Roof Repair After A Storm

Yes you know SERVPRO will repair the water damage that may occur to your home or commercial property after a storm. But did you also know we will fix the damage that caused the water issue in the first place? Call us!

SERVPRO tech cleaning the soot covered walls of a basement.

Cleaning Up After A Basement Fire

Difficult, arduous, and dirty, those words best describe the process of cleaning up a soot-covered basement. Our team is determined, hard-working, and relentless, so you can be assured your property will be clean. 

After A Storm We Are There To Help

Storm Damage can be overwhelming in scope. That is why SERVPRO is the countries #1 restoration team. Our experienced franchises come together and make restoration possible, even in the worst of times.

Restoring a Property After A Fire

It is the last call you want to make, but it might be your most important call after a fire is over. Our restoration services are second to none and will have you back in your home quickly.

Don't Miss A Beat, Keep That Restoration Rolling

We should always look for a silver lining even in our darkest times. After this water damage, the client decided it was time for new floors anyway, and we were there to complete the job. Contact us about construction services!

It's All About the Details, Even in Restoration

When a fire damages a property in New York City the restoration company in charge needs to pay attention to each and every detail of that building to ensure it is properly cleaned. We are your #1 call.

Happy Customers Are Our #1 Priority

At the end of the day, our most important job is customer satisfaction. It is not always easy but it is a goal we strive to reach with each and every client.

Hotel Roof Damage & Water Damage

New Jersey we can help! Our Long Island City based SERVPRO franchise is knowledgeable and competitive. We recently repaired and restored a hotel in New Jersey after a storm damaged the roof leading to water damage inside the building.

Lower Level Fire Damage NYC

Restoring a property after a fire damage can seem like a daunting task, especially in the lower levels of a large commercial or residential building. Our team is up for the job, we are experienced techs and can manage fire damage jobs of any scale.

Commercial Water Damage

Large New York City buildings present different challenges when it comes to water damage. SERVPRO of Long Island City is experienced in large commercial water damage restoration and will restore your property quickly!

24/7 Response From Our Team

Water & Fire Damage can occur at any hour. For this job the call came in at 11:30 pm, our crew members arrived on the scene and ready to work at 12:15 am, 45 minutes after the call was placed.

Westerly RI Warehouse

This is a picture of our main building in Washington County of Rhode Island. At this facility, we perform many types of content restoration and storage for each and every fire and water loss. 

Our Team

Here are some of the team members after our morning meeting. Communication is one of our biggest strengths within the company and employees on all levels are encouraged to participate in offer input to help the team.

Rhode Island Floods

The Rhode Island floods of 2010 were one of serval major flooding events of that year. Several members of our SERVPRO® of Long Island City team were part of the response and clean-up from the areas biggest flood in decades.

Late Night Call for Water Damage

Arriving quickly to the scene when there is water damage is the MOST helpful way to prevent further damage. That's just what we did in this photo, arriving at 1 AM to begin mitigation.