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Fire Damage Repair Near Me

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Commercial Restoration Queens

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Building Restoration Manhattan

SERVPRO of Long Island City is an area leader in building restoration throughout New York City. We provide a knowledgeable and talented team of project managers... READ MORE

Fire Damage Restoration New York City

For New York City renovation companies, cleaning services are essential for building restoration projects around the city. In addition to disaster restoration, ... READ MORE

Roof & Skylight Repair New York City

Bringing natural light into a building is an important feature no matter what the use of the building. In this mixed-use building, we were called to fix damage ... READ MORE

Storm Damage Repair New York City

New York City revitalization projects can be found all over the five boroughs. We are proud to be part of these revitalization projects and have been part of se... READ MORE

Cleaning & Painting Building Facades NYC

SERVPRO of Long Island City provides a multitude of services. We are equipped and trained to manage extreme damage like water and fire damage and can provide ma... READ MORE

A Fire & Years of Neglect But Still This House Is Still A Gem

This Brooklyn home had been left abandoned for years after fire damage forced tenants from the home and the owners could not afford the necessary repairs. Our p... READ MORE

Looking to Renovate An Office Space in New York City?

Finding the perfect office space in New York City is not easy. Sure there are plenty of options around the city but finding the ideal location that suits your b... READ MORE

After a fire in an NYC commercial building, we were there to help.

Along the crowded streets of Upper Manhattan, a fire can mean disaster for several businesses and residencies. In this particular case, a first-floor fire cause... READ MORE