Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Commercial Storm Damage Causes Major Damage to Long Island City Property

This Long Island City property got more than just water with this commercial storm damage incident. The loss area wound up with dirt and debris deposited on the... READ MORE

Long Island City Mud and Storm Damage

When a window well for a basement is not covered and left open, large volumes of muddy water can flow in during a flood. A basement in Long Island City suffered... READ MORE

Storm Damage Repair New York City

New York City revitalization projects can be found all over the five boroughs. We are proud to be part of these revitalization projects and have been part of se... READ MORE

Cleaning & Painting Building Facades NYC

SERVPRO of Long Island City provides a multitude of services. We are equipped and trained to manage extreme damage like water and fire damage and can provide ma... READ MORE

Damage in Houston

Homes in and around the Houston area have suffered millions of dollars in damage. Some fared better than others in terms of damage and loss. In this particular ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Hallway

In the basement of an apartment building in Long Island City a hot water tank broke and began to slowly leak. Water seeped into the carpets in the hallway it an... READ MORE